I am constantly surfing Facebook to read the news or other pieces of information.

I logged into my Facebook account nearly every day.

But I am not alone, Data suggests, 70% of Facebook users visit their accounts on a daily basis.

Given this percentage of the population, is it even…

“Is social media overrated for business?” My client asked me once.

He wanted to know whether he can really get clients and get sales by using social media marketing.

In short, is it worth all the time and energy that’s put?

His concern was genuine.

So let me put some…

Have you ever thought about what really makes a difference in your online sales?

That is quite obvious- Traffic…

And this is really an arduous task to mark your presence when you have thousands of competitors having a tiff over the same goal i.e. traffic.

No matter how well-built your…

Lets, recall a very common school time scenario which everyone dealt with.

A class is always packed with a good number of students

And every student competes to secure the first position in the class.

But do you really think this is possible?

Of course not…

The first position is…

Well! How to increase website traffic fast is the most ordinary concern that lingers on with every website owner.

Thousands of techniques, strategies, solutions and so on…

But still finding yourself in a perplexing situation to comprehend the best ways of getting instant website traffic.

No wonder, this happens with…

The world is getting digital every now and again even for its trivial need.

And so the companies are also going digital for the marketing purpose.

Anyhow they want traffic that converts- and to fulfill this goal they opt for digital marketing conversion tool as well.

As online marketing came…

Image source

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

And it’s the human needs only that leads to new inventions to make life more simple and sorted.

As time passes, people dig out something new that can really accommodate their needs in a more flawless way.

As a result, either the situation ends…

Whatever business you are into, your website must gain as many as possible insights.

Without being noticed no one cares who you are and how good you are serving at people.

And the one-stop solution that acts as the incumbent need of every venture is marketing.

The strongest approach to…

Have you just launched an e-commerce store or planning to do one?

In either case, you might be looking out for ways to acquire more customers.

There are many ways to do this. But how do you acquire your target customers at an acceptable cost?

Well, one best way is…

A lot of efforts…

And a lot of money and time invested to bring out the best version of a website.

But why this is so?

Oops! what a silly question is this…

Of course, this is to grab the traffic and ultimately the astounding figures of the conversions.


Dinesh Thakur

Digital Marketer. Founder @adstriangle

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