10 SEO Keyword Rank Checker Tools : Track Keywords Ranking Easily

Dinesh Thakur
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The world is getting digital every now and again even for its trivial need.

And so the companies are also going digital for the marketing purpose.

Anyhow they want traffic that converts- and to fulfill this goal they opt for digital marketing conversion tool as well.

As online marketing came into practice- various ways also came into existence like SEO, SEM, SMO, etc.

Nowadays SEO has become the incumbent for almost every website due to high competition in the market.

And there is no surprise if every business owner is making a choice to opt for SEO.

SEO is one of the robust digital marketing services, and when the whole game revolves around traffic and conversions.

If we talk about SEO, the practice of choosing a keyword can make or break the game of SEO.

You need to infuse the right set of keywords if you wanna direct your website towards the bright future.

There are various SEO ranking factors and keywords are one of them that aids in securing good ranking in your niche area.

Understanding the worth of keywords, there are numerous SEO keyword rank checker tool used.

Whether your keywords are still trendy or going outdated?

This is an important concern to target the market demand and comprehend the high yielding keywords.

Knowing the position of the keywords, it’s easy to make your blogs rank better.

Eliminate the low producing keywords and add highly productive ones to rank the pages which aren’t working well.

Apart from this, you can derive useful information regarding your competitors ranking and can work on weak areas to surpass their website ranking.

No doubt, keywords play an important role in SEO, but there are other factors also on which the success of SEO depends.

Check out various SEO tools that you can opt to work on every SEO factor and leaving no scope of SEO ineffectiveness.

SEO keyword rank checker tool

Now it’s time to dive a little deeper and explore various SEO keyword rank checker tool.

Not only this, but you will also gain some knowledge on how to use them without any inconvenience.

The tool will assist you to get the ranking of the keywords you are targeting.

Knowing the ranking, it is easy to make the necessary changes to improve the low ranking of the keywords.

How powerful your keyword is, to make the pages rank is an important matter of concern.

Hence, using the SEO keyword rank checker tool it is easy to eliminate the usage of unproductive keywords which are derived out of keyword research mistakes.

Tool 1- Keyword position checker:

What kind of ranking your website holds is an important factor that helps in attracting traffic.

Lesser the visibility of a website, lesser the traffic will be.

Keyword position checker helps you to identify the position of your website in the search engine for a particular keyword.

To mark the presence of your website it is necessary to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

And to beat the competition, firstly you must be familiar with the presence of your competitors’ website.

Where your competitors are lying, you will be familiar with such information as well.

With such information, it is really trouble-free to strategize and improve the position of your website.


The best part is it is free keyword rank checker.

How to use:

The tool is very quick and simple to use.

You just need to follow five steps in order to check your website position for a particular keyword.

Step 1: On the very first page, as shown above, scroll up to the page to enter data in the provided space.

Step 2: Enter your URL or the URL of your competitor whose position you want to check in the “Enter URL” space. This is under “Your domain” space provided.

Step 3: Select the Google search engine in which you want to check the position. Google.com is the default one. You can select the Google TLDs (top-level domain) as per your target country.

Step 4: In “Your keywords” space enter the keywords for which you want to check the positions. You can enter up to 20 keywords per check. Ensure that only one keyword per line is entered.

Step 5: Once all the fields are filled click on “Check Position” to conduct a check.

Here’s an example of a website position for a particular keyword:

Tool 2- Weekly Keyword Rank Checker

Another great tool to keep yourself apprised where your website actually stands.

Knowing the position of the website, it’s easy to form the strategies that can accommodate in uplifting the ranking.

To combat with the competitors it’s essential to know them.

Weekly keyword Rank checker tool allows you to check the website ranking for up to 5 keywords.

Additionally, you can also check the website ranking of your competitors for the same particular keyword.

By and large, the tools give the feasibility to check the ranking in Google only.

But this is not the case with Weekly keyword Rank checker tool as you can check the keyword rankings in “Bing” too.

Nothing can be more fascinating than having a Google and Bing keyword ranking report by your side every week.

How well your keywords are performing against your competitors is an important aspect that you need to be aware of.

Else, it will be strenuous to comprehend the underperforming keywords.

And continuing the process with underperforming keywords will not bring much worth to your business.

Why lack behind the competitors if have the option to keep yourself updated with the keyword ranking as it changes.


The tool is absolutely free to use

How to use:

The tool is quite simple to use without much hassle.

For flawless process firstly, sign up or register using the right topmost corner icon. After that:

Step 1: Enter up to 5 keywords per line each

Step 2: Select your Geographical location

Step 3: Select your language

Step 4: Enter your Domain

Step 5: Enter your competitors’ domain

Step 6: Simply click on “Get keywords rank”

And you will have the ranking of the website for the given keyword.

Tool 3- SEMrush

How can we forget the name SEMrush if it is about keyword checking tool?

The list seems incomplete without mentioning the SEMrush.

SEMrush helps you to know about the exact keyword for which your website is ranking.

You just need to enter your website URL or you can enter URL of a blog post as well.

For Example:

As you enter the URL of your website, a list of keywords will be visible for which your website is ranking as shown:

This information is enough to find out where your website is lying.

The best part is it’s not at all limited to Google only.

Even if your targeting country is different you can select the Google search as that specific country.

Furthermore, there will be a scope of discovering new organic keywords also.

This is one of the effective tools that help to keep an eye on position change of the domain.

But this is not the end my friend, still, there is something that you don’t know about its usage.

The tool works by telling the keywords ranking also.

You can enter up to 500–5000 keywords and check their rankings.

But the number of keywords you can check completely depends on the plan you have chosen.


You can use it for a 14-day free trial and after that subscribe it.

Free trial helps you to be sure regarding your buying decision and prevent yourself from being stung.

How to use:

SEMrush to check the keywords for which website is ranking?

Firstly you need to login or register yourself by creating an account.

  1. Enter domain, keyword or URL
  2. Select the target country
  3. Simply click on “Search”

SEMrush to check the existing keyword ranking?

Firstly, set up the existing keywords for position tracking

Click on “Set up” option

Now enter your Business name.

After filling, click on “Device and Location” at the bottom right corner.

Select the Search engine, location, and device for which you want to check the ranking.

Now click on “Competitors” at bottom right corner.

Enter your competitors’ domain whose ranking you want to check for a given keyword.

Click on “Keywords” at bottom right corner.

Add keywords whose ranking you want to check.

Click on “Add to project

Select the Project and click on Position tracking.

Click on the “Ranking” tab and have a ranking overview.

You can easily check trends, ranking difference, CPC and search volume as shown.

Tool 4- SERP watcher

In the list of SEO keyword rank checker tool, SERP watcher is another name making its presence.

The tool has proved its worth in bringing out the keyword position for your domain as it is specially designed for rank tracking.

Moving ahead without any checking the performance of the current keywords doesn’t stack up.

Perhaps the keyword you are using working well and maybe not.

Therefore, a timely check is requisite to infuse the best performing keywords.

You can perform the keyword check based on geolocation and on the basis of devices also.

SERP watcher makes it feasible to check the keyword position on both the devices- mobile phones and desktop.

Without wasting your time further, it hardly takes 2 minutes to track the keyword position.

Locations are not at all a barrier for this tool.

Even for the specific locations, result tracking is possible.

No wonder, it is an amazing tool to get the daily updates on a keyword position change.

The tool delivers astounding users’ experience by providing you the accessibility of all the data at once rather than opening multiple tabs.


How to use:

For Free trial, simply click on “See Live Demo

Step 1: Click on “Add new tracking

Step 2: Enter the domain name

Step 3: Choose the location from the dropdown

Step 4: Select the platform (mobile/desktop)

Step 5: Add keywords

Step 6: Click on “Start tracking

Here’s an example of the tracking report:

Tool 5- SEO Centro rank checker

This is another addition in the list of SEO keyword rank checker tool.

Not necessary that every search engine will show the same results.

Hence, there is a need to figure out what is the position of the keywords in different search engines.

SEO Centro rank checker allows you to test the keyword performance in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

The results of the tool are not limited to present the keyword rank only.

In fact, the tool also provides the complete detail of the keyword along with its history.

If you are living in the world of advancement, then why to depend on the guesswork to judge the performance of the keywords.

Make use of SEO Centro rank checker and evaluate your keywords.


How to use:

Step 1: Enter the keyword whose position you want to check

Step 2: Choose the location from the dropdown

Step 3: Enter your domain name

Step 4: Enter your competitors’ domain name

Step 5: Click on the “Submit” button

Here’s the generated report for the selected keyword

Tool 6- SERPs bulk rankings tool

The working process of this tool is just amazing.

And hats off to this bulk keyword rank checker with a capacity to check 250 keywords at a time.

You might be thinking if the capacity is to judge 250 keywords then it might be time taking.

But this is not the scenario, it hardly takes 45–90 seconds to generate the report.

The tool can be addressed as a good option to generate ad-hoc report and spot checking.

The tool leverages a list of keywords and allows to check their position for a particular website.

New clients generally seek for immediate reports and do not want to wait much.

In such a situation SERPs bulk rankings tool accommodates keyword position report in no time.

Consequently, there will be a reason for the client to get impressed and trust your business.

No need to worry about the freshness of the keywords as the keywords are updated every 24 hours.

Have the fresh ranking of the keywords by your side using the SERPs bulk rankings tool.


How to use:

Step 1: Enter the website for which you need the ranking report

Step 2: Enter keywords

Step 3: Select the country for which you want to check the position

Step 4: Click on “Generate ranking report”

Here’s the generated report

Tool 7- Dyno mapper

Track keywords and stay informed with the actual performance is a good method to move ahead in the business progressively.

Usage of the outdated keywords obviously hampers the productivity of the website.

A page not doing so well in the market may be due to the use of keywords which are not so much in trend.

Or the search rate for the used keywords is so less.

So don’t you think such kind of scenario is not at all apt for the growth of the business?

Here comes the need for SEO keyword rank checker tool.

And Dyno mapper is one of them.

The tool holds a powerful combination of the visual sitemap generation and keyword tracking.

It is a 2 in 1 package that assists in being familiar with the daily keyword ranking.

Check at which position the keyword is taking your website in various search engines and locations.

The tool allows you to check and record the keyword data for each keyword and domain.

Have the golden insights of the daily data in the form of lists and chart in order to enjoy monitoring.

An unlimited check of the domain is another feature that inclines the users to use this tool.


Tool 8- Woorank

Don’t you think every website deserves to be noticed to secure a good ranking?

But how is this possible with the keywords that are totally outmoded?

Every aspect of business needs timely updation so that its effectiveness is not lost.

Outdated things neither appeals to the users nor they serve the purpose.

The same thing goes with the keywords also.

Latest and trendy keywords have become the MUST-HAVE to improve the website ranking.

And improved website ranking results in improved visibility, traffic, and conversion rate.

Using the tool, you can find out whether your keywords are still in the race or going off the track.

Woorank features tell you what is the ranking of your website not only in terms of keyword ranking but also SEO as a whole.

Where your website stands in the competition is an essential metric you need to be acquainted with.

Just add the competitors’ website URL on the Woorank dashboard and check where your website stands in comparison to your competitors.

The tool has a lot of potentials to help you with the new keywords on the basis of already published content.

Discover and enrich your content with high volume search terms to make them easily discoverable.

Be aware of such metrics and see what all can be improved to bring the website into the limelight.


Tool 9- Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the second most popular tool recommended by critics after SEMrush.

It is considered as one of the best tools that can cater to the needs of checking keyword ranking.

The main feature of the tool is to fetch the keyword or keywords on which your website is ranking.

The tool allows you to check the position in the search engine results of different countries that you want to analyze for your website.

As a result, you can have localized report with you regarding search results.

Such kind of results really proves helpful to the website owner to see the real picture where their website stands in the searches of their targeted country.

The tool is quite effective and aids with important information like productive keywords for which you can rank.

What is the difficulty level of the keyword and what is the traffic potential of a keyword- these are some valuable aspects that help in choosing the perfect and apt keyword.

Not only this, there is still a lot more to do with this tool.

Click metric also play a vital role in finding the effective keywords and Ahrefs can aid with this metric as well.

Be ready to get the advanced metrics also like clicks per search, return rate,% of clicks, % of paid clicks and much more.

The best part is you will never run out of keywords ideas, as explorer runs on the database of more than 3 billion keywords.

And it absolutely fresh and updated.

Hence there is nothing wrong to address this tool as a complete research tool for all your keywords need.


Tool 10- Wincher

Another name in the list of SEO keyword rank checker tool list- Wincher

The success of SEO depends on many factors which also includes the right usage of keywords.

Which are in trend keywords and which are not- really helps to improve the ranking.

Whatever the ranking of the keyword, it fluctuates with time and hampers the website ranking as well.

To have stability in the ranking you need to keep an eye on the position of the keywords.

Wincher allows you to add multiple domains to check for which keyword the website is ranking.

Furthermore, you can also add keywords to check their rankings.

What makes the tool distinct is its ranking alert.

As your competitor reaches above your website, you will get a notification regarding this.

And analyzing the changes in the ranking, you can strategize how to respond best to enhance the current ranking.

Using Wincher you can get the analytics report on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

You can group your keywords into different categories and get an overview of the overall site’s ranking progress.

The only drawback of using Wincher is doesn’t show the keyword position in the other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.


How to use:

First, we need to add our website

Step 1: Add website URL

Step 2: Select Search Engine and language

Step 3: Select Device

Step 4: You can copy keywords from the existing website as well

Step 5: Click on the “Add” tab

Now, comes the next stage and we need to add keywords

Step 6: Add keyword

Step 7 (optional): You can assign a group to the same kind of keywords as well.

Step 8: You can import keywords in bulk too.

Step 9: Click on the “Add” tab

Now you can easily check keyword position, CPC, volume and traffic.


The keywords you are targeting have an immense impact on the ranking of the website and blogs as well.

As things get older, people start losing interest in them and the same thing goes with the keywords as well.

If one keyword is securing a good position and making the website rank better then don’t think the scenario will always remain the same.

As time passes the keyword preferences and search term choices of the audience also change.

And you will not able to figure out when your keywords become outdated.

But yes, SEO keyword rank checker tool is the best remedy to deal with the situation.

Infusing the usage of keyword rank checker in the business can help you to check the keyword position for a given website and lots of great keywords ideas as well.

Using tools, it is easy to add productive keywords in the content and eliminate the unproductive ones.

So, never let your website ranking face the downside just because of outdated keywords.

It hampers productivity immensely.

So, timely check the rank of the keywords used and provide timely treatment whenever required.

So that no opportunity is missed by the business.

Author: Dinesh has been doing digital marketing since 2007. Now he manages a team of digital marketers, developers, and project managers. As the CEO of Ads Triangle, Dinesh has helped hundreds of businesses to grow their revenue through digital marketing.

Originally published at www.adstriangle.com on April 1, 2019.



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