Top 10 SEO Ranking Factors to Get More Organic Traffic (2019)

The results of SEO are just unquestionable…and this is due to top 10 SEO ranking factors that make it more effective.

The way its demand is burgeoning, it has become the foremost need of every website.

Even 57% of the B2B marketers have agreed that SEO generates more leads in comparison to any other marketing approach.

There might be a question from business owners side who are not familiar with the effects of the SEO.

Why SEO is required?

Have you ever thought how many blogs are published on daily basis?

That is around 2 million posts which are published on daily basis.

In such a huge competition it is really complex to mark the existence of the posts.

There might be possibilities that your post is lost somewhere without being noticed by the audience.

And I hope everyone knows very well what a role is played by the blog posts in deciding the ranking of the website.

This calls for the SEO of the website to get it noticed. But SEO is not an easy game to win. Google is continuously changing its algorithm as a result SEO landscape is changing too.

The strategies that worked some time back might fail today.

It can affect your website visibility and ranking. This can be a nightmare for any business owner.

But here’s the good part. Its not all too scary and dark!

The trick is to continue research, experiment and find out the best seo strategies that have proven results.

The success of the SEO is not confined to any particular factor.

In fact, it is the combination of various factors which works together as a force to push the website ranking up.

Are you not eager to know about google top 10 SEO ranking factors, that help to climb the ladder of success?

Then let’s take a look at:

Top 10 SEO ranking factors

#Factor 1

Slow Loading Speed hampers ranking immensely

There are thousands of website which hardly take any time to load.

On the contrary, your website is taking a pretty good time to load.

If this is the situation, then ask a question to yourself will your website rank better than your competitors.

You might have got the answer.

It’s a big Noooooo

So, this is something that SEO experts need to work on.

No doubts! There are plenty of websites where the interest of the users can shift if the website is not loading quickly.

As a result, you have to lose many potential customers.

Not only this, slow loading websites have an immense impact on the website ranking as well.

Low website ranking means low visibility.

Thus, loading speed of the website is one of the most important SEO factors 2019 that must be never ignored.

Tips to get a quick loading website Compress your content Emphasize on size and quality of the images used on the website Focus on hosting package Take care of plugins

#Factor 2

Ensure mobile compatible websites to rank higher

The way your website interacts with the mobile is also one of the SEO Google ranking factors 2019.

It is not at all feasible that every user accesses the website on laptop and desktop only.

There is a huge segment of people who prefer to use mobile phones rather than desktop and laptop.

And obviously, this is due to its portability and ease of access.

Nowadays mobile phones have become the basic requirement of every individual.

Even if people do not have computers, they own mobile phones at least.

Hence, it has become quite mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website to serve the users better.

Websites compatible with mobile helps to target mobile phone users and enhance the reach of the business.

The better we serve the audience, the better it will be from the SEO point of view.

Mobile ranking factors:

Check out some mobile ranking factors that will help your website to rank better for mobile search queries.

  • Website Loading Speed On Mobile

This is an important factor that makes the website rank good against the mobile searches.

If a website is taking less time to load then surely it will keep the visitors intact.

Preventing them to shift to some other website.

Thus, they would stay on the website and will be inclined to explore it further

  • Readability Of Content

How well-written and valuable content you have on your website, it is of no use if it is not readable on mobile screens.

Neither it will add value to the users nor it will impart any information.

So, enhanced readability of the content will help you to rank better in the mobile searches.

Because a website that is good in every term to serve the mobile users tends to be SEO compatible.

  • Size Of The Buttons And Accessibility

Website accessibility on mobile plays a very important role to enhance the ranking of the website.

You need to please the mobile users with easy accessibility.

Small size buttons, very small images, over stylish text are few aspects that really hampers the accessibility on mobile phones.

Optimize the buttons, images, and text for a better experience and better ranking on mobile.

  • Page Layouts

Make sure that layout you are opting for your website is good enough to fit on mobile screens.

Every element of the page must be clearly visible while exploring the website.

For instance:

If a page consists of the left and right scroll bar, and any one of them is not visible on the screen.

The website will seems incomplete to the mobile users.

So, ensure the complete layout is visible to make the users happy and contented

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)

There is hardly any user who don’t like fast mobile pages.

Faster mobile pages not only good from the users’ point of view but also from the SEO point of view.

Enhanced user experience leads to high engagement, an increase in dwell time and high interest in your website.

User experience plays a vital role in SEO, as this is also a factor on the basis of which Google determines the website ranking.

So, whenever we talk of top 10 SEO ranking factors, mobile friendliness of a website should be considered on a prior basis.

#Factor 3

Optimize your content to meet the SEO standards

This is an undeniable fact that content is the heart and soul of the SEO.

Whether it is about the links, images, alt tags, keywords etc. all are related to content only.

Without content, it is impossible to work on the above aspects of SEO.

Have a look at the checklist to optimize the content if you wanna rank at the good position through SEO.

It Should Be Accurate And Correct

If a content holds facts and figure, the content is designed to deliver some useful information to the audience.

So, if the statistics are not cross-checked again and also not taken from a reliable source then they are of no use.

Such content generally, misleads the people and prove no worth for them.

Focus on producing rich and grammatically correct content.

This will be a plus factor in SEO.

It Should Be Valuable And Unique

Valuable content attracts visitors like a magnet.

A content enriched with useful information not only makes the users happy but also fulfills their search intent.

Intrigue the interest of the users by adding as many details of the topic as you can.

Because long-form content which contains more than 1000 words are more likely to attract the users.

It has been observed that the first page content on an average consists of 1890 words.

Once a user is satisfied with the given information, he tends to return back on the website to gather information on a different topic.

Duplicate and copied content are something that affects the website SEO very badly.

So, simply produce unique content to improve the effectiveness of the SEO

Overstuffing Of Keywords Is A Big No In The Content

The websites who believe in stuffing keywords in their content have to change their perspective.

Google can’t be fooled with such activities.

Instead, it gives a reverse impact than what you expect.

Keep the content genuine where keywords can fit easily rather than just focusing on keyword stuffing just to rank in SERP.

Google is smart enough to make out any keyword stuffing.

#Factor 4

Work on the technical aspect of SEO

Letting the technical aspects go then you are entirely off base.

Technical factors of SEO are equally important like any other factor.

Ignorance of such factors may be the biggest loophole in your SEO strategies.


Make sure that all the pages on your website are indexed.

The pages indexed must in proportion to the total pages after deducting the pages that you do not want to be indexed.


Let Google discover your site structure.

Also, it will help Google to know if there is any new content updated.

Google limits the sitemap crawls to 50000.

Hence, keep the URL short to get the important pages crawled more quickly.

Eliminate Broken Links

Broken links are hazardous for the health of the website and SEO results as well.

It will redirect the users to the page displaying 404 error.

Check all the links twice and remove the all such broken links to improve the SEO.

Duplicate Pages Should Not Be The Part Of Your Website

Two pages of a similar kind are not the requirement of any website.

It’s better to redirect the second page to the first one so that the visitors of the second page are also not lost.

Alt Tags

Google can’t read images, so it’s important to give names to them in the form of alt tag.

In case the images don’t appear on the page, the alt tag text will display there as a replacement.

For better optimization, try to add the targeted keyword in the alt tag.

Keyword In The Meta Description

The meta description is the information in the form of text that appears just below the title.

The audience can easily make out what a blog is all about.

So, make sure keyword is present in the meta description to make it SEO compatible.

URL Structure

Short and easy to understand URL structure are generally considered good when it comes to SEO.

Keep it that simple, audience can understand what a blog post is all about by simply looking at the URL.

#Factor 5

Increase the authority of website with quality links

The importance of links cannot be ignored when someone intends to rank higher through SEO.

Links are good but excess of anything is harmful.

Outbounds links in excess can be the biggest cause of distraction for the users, so keep a decent number of links in the blog posts.

Only the existence of quality links works to ensure SEO compatibility.

Link your website only with the high authority websites of the same niche.

And this is obvious that by targeting the websites of the same niche, you can target the relevant audience as well.

Give links to the website that can actually add value to the information you are providing.

Most importantly, if you wanna make the website authoritative give links to the website having a high page authority or domain authority.

Blog posts receiving a high number of social share is your appropriate target to give links.

In the same way, inbound links are also important to tell the search engines that your website is providing quality information.

Try to earn links from the quality websites, because websites getting high-quality backlinks are more likely to get a higher ranking.

Inbound links tell the search engines that your website is authoritative.

Such links do have an impact on SEO and help to escalate the website ranking.

That’s why link building is in the list of top 10 SEO ranking factors.

#Factor 6

Add social sharing options to spread the content

You cannot force someone to share your blog until he is not convinced to do so.

The quality that drives the blog towards social sharing is- it should be valuable and interesting enough.

A good content automatically convinces the user to share it more and more.

People who are delighted with information provided in the blog feel to spread the content.

If something is good it must reach as many people as it can.

Such kind of blog posts is inclined to receive more social sharing.

Just creating valuable content is not the ultimate goal you are working for.

It is all about maximizing the reach so that people who are unfamiliar with your business also have the opportunity to know you.

But if a blog post is deprived of social sharing options, then obviously it reaches will be limited to that platform only.

Add social sharing option, so that it can be spread widely.

More sharing indicated that the content is valuable and doing well in the market.

Also, the website will receive more traffic from different platforms.

And if the organic traffic is more, it will be considered by Google and improve the website ranking.

Social sharing is among the top 10 SEO ranking factors that are responsible to make it a huge success.

#Factor 7

Ultimately it is all about the users’ experience

There is the number of factors that have been rolled out in SEO, now it is not as simple as it was earlier.

Earlier it was just about keyword stuffing, and you could easily rank on Google.

But the time has changed and so the techniques.

The journey of SEO somewhere starts with users experience.

How well your website is serving the users is a matter of putting the brain.

The website navigation is too complex that it is creating chaos for the users isn’t something that will be rewarded by Google.

Navigation is not the place where users play hide and seek games, deal with the long list of options and so on.

No use of such navigation if a user is unable to find the path of going back.

It must be easy enough to provide an enhanced user experience on the website.

Unorganized content is also a factor that may annoy the audience.

Headings are the component that can make the content valuable.

Customers can easily distinguish between the different sections and also prevent them from getting lost on the page.

Even mobile friendliness, loading speed, text, images etc all components together contribute to an amazing users experience.

This is one of the most important SEO factors in 2019 that aids in improving the website ranking.

#Factor 8

SEO is incomplete without keyword research

How will you target the customers until you don’t know which industry-specific terms and phrases are driving traffic?

This is one of the basic steps where the SEO process starts.

There are a variety of users, their taste is different, their interests are also distinct from each other.

How will you filter the relevant traffic of niche?

Keyword research is the resolution for your this concern.

There are various types of keywords used for SEO like:

  • Long-tail keyword
  • Short-term fresh keyword
  • Long-term evergreen keyword
  • Product defining keyword
  • Customer defining keyword
  • Geo-targeting keyword
  • LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keyword
  • Intent targeting keywords

These keywords can be used as per the requirements of your business website.

Perform keyword research and make use of the most relevant keywords, terms, and phrases used by the people related to your niche.

In this way, most relevant traffic will land on your website that ends up with the conversion.

Adding the keywords that have low competition and high search volume drives your website towards higher ranking.

Long tail keywords are in trend to make the searches, it’s better to use such kind to target the audience.

Due to the high importance of keywords, keyword research has marked its place in the top 10 SEO ranking factors.

#Factor 9

Add the schema to your webpage

Entice the audience with an enhanced description for your blog post.

Why let your audience run to some other website if you can pull them to yours.

Serve the audience with something that your competitors do not have.

The enhanced description is commonly known as a rich snippet.

It is not like that schema has a direct impact on the ranking or SEO results.

But yes, it makes the website more prominent and noticeable.

And enhanced visibility attracts high CTR.

Schema allows you to add images, location, phone no, reviews etc.

So, it’s high time to stay one step ahead of your competitors and grab the audience attention immediately using schema for SEO.

Do not give a second chance to even think about any other website.

#Factor 10

Secured websites are always preferred by Google

If this is the perspective that whether the website is secure or not is hardly a matter of concern than you are off base.

Somewhere, this is also in the picture while uplifting the website ranking.

The websites which are secured have a competitive edge over the other.

These websites are considered by Google as a contender for higher ranking.

Hacking of websites has become a dime a dozen to steal the important data.

Secured websites having SSL certificate are not at all liable to be hacked, hence they are reliable as well.

This is the reason why the security of the website holds a place in top 10 SEO ranking factors.

Being familiar with the top 10 SEO ranking factors, hopefully, you are well versed with the trivial components that you can use to get the best out of SEO.

Local SEO ranking factors

Grab some useful information on local SEO ranking factors 2019, if you wanna expand your business reach in locality also.

And wanna drive conversions from the local audience.

The factors of Local SEO are also somewhere similar to normal SEO.

No doubts, people are using the term “Near me” to check out the best options available near them.

To appear in such top search result you need to consider some factors.

Check out what are they…

Google My Business

Strengthen and manage your online presence across Google with powerful tool GMB.

This includes searches and maps as well.

GMB serves the customers with all useful information about your business.

Fill your GMB profile completely to gran higher ranking.

Add every necessary information which includes images, contact number, relevant keywords in the title, operation hours etc.


Attract quality links from quality local websites.

Links from authoritative websites gives a signal to Google that website is valuable.

A website having quality links in good quantity is more likely to rank higher in local searches.

Presence Of NAP Is Important

NAP basically stands for Name, Address, and Phone number.

If you are looking forward to local SEO, make sure that NAP is present in the footer of each page.

Most important NAP should not differ in any aspect, it must be the same on all pages.

Else, it will mislead the potential customer and lose his trust.


Content is the most important part whether you are dealing with SEO or local SEO.

Do not let your content go in vain.

Optimize every part of your content and make it valuable too.

Include relevant keywords in the title and do not forget to differentiate the sections by adding H1, H2, and H3.

Additionally focus on the content of the GMB page also.

Build relevancy for the local audience on the page.


Citations play the same kind of role as played by the links.

If someone gives the reference of your website then definitely there is something valuable in your website.

So, when a business refers your business name, phone number or address its good for your website.

It reinforces your website authority, which is evaluated by Google while determining the website ranking in the local searches.


The SEO and local SEO have become foremost priorities of every business website to rank better.

But without knowing their success factors the process cannot be completed in the right manner.

Hence, it’s really important to learn about the most influential factors that work as an SEO game changer.

So what factors are influential in this year? I have complied few latest SEO trends 2019 keeping the latest google update in mind.

Also, start implementing the above-mentioned factors to drive the unprecedented result from SEO.

Maybe you are familiar with some of the factors.

But not necessary that you are familiar with each of them.

You might be missing something in your SEO techniques that might be hampering the SEO effectiveness.

So, consider the mentioned top 10 SEO ranking factors, to uproot every possibility of slow business growth and ineffectiveness.

Author: Digital Marketer with experience of working with brands across the globe. She is a data-obsessed digital marketer who makes the most by analyzing data and intersecting it with her creativity. Passionate about creating content strategies that drive traffic and conversion rate too.

Originally published at on February 8, 2019.



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