Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads: Quick and Easy Guide

Whatever business you are into, your website must gain as many as possible insights.

Without being noticed no one cares who you are and how good you are serving at people.

And the one-stop solution that acts as the incumbent need of every venture is marketing.

The strongest approach to strengthen the idea of marketing is- Advertising.

Not necessary… that every business is supplemented with extensive budgets to throw into the business.

With such a limitation, the best decision is requisite to make the most out of the available budget.

There are many types of constraints that influence many decisions in the business and has to be taken into account.

Let’s give a thought to a common concern that comes up every now and then- Which type of advertising helps to experience a boom in business?

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Which one is Better?


Nowadays, Facebook ads and Google ads have taken the world by storm due to their efficacy.

But which one is better, it is really tough to take a call on this.

Both the platforms are doing well in their own way accommodating the businesses to grab traffic, clicks, conversions and ultimately sales.

Facebook and Google Ads- both are a very common and effective form of paid advertising.

The effectiveness of any Ad is dependent on its right usage.

And you can reap the benefits of every advertising platform.

Simply pre-analyse which platform is apt to opt.

For the best result be sure about your end goal and choose the advertising platform accordingly.

What are Google Ads?

No one is unaware of the term Google.

And why not, there are around 5 billion searches conducted on a daily basis.

Google is the largest search engine in the world.

After this, there are Bing and other search engines used by the people.

Don’t you think it is the best platform if you wanna dive deep into the enormous traffic?

This is why Google Ads are flourishing like anything.

Being one of the most favorite search engines, Google gives the feasibility to advertise in a vivid manner.

Google is split into two networks:

Search Network:

This network is all about the searches. Using this network, you can make your text ads appear against the related searches made by the user.

As any user types the keyword, Google shows the most relevant text Ad on the top.

For example:

Display Network:

As the name signifies, Display ad network allows you to display the Ads in the form of images, videos, text etc.

Display Ads appear on the third party websites where your targeted keyword is relevant to their site’s content.

These ads are visible on the Apps as well.

Google Shopping:

The e-commerce websites have special advantage and platform to flaunt their products.

Google shopping ads allow you to show up your product when a specific product search is conducted.

Users really feel privileged as their shopping experience becomes smooth with the shopping ads.

The audience can easily search, view and compare products in one go.

Video Ads:

Name clearly says, these ads appear in the form of videos.

Video ads appear while accessing Youtube, Hotstar and across the display network also.

These kind of Ads are very common and have been encountered by almost everyone.

You might have noticed Video ads before, during or after the video you are streaming online.

Remarketing Ads:

Google ads also give you the feasibility to re-market your products to the previous audience.

These ads are displayed on the basis of previous searches.

For instance:

If someone searched for women’s shoes or explored a specific product, he is likely to see ads on others website as shown:

Only 2% of the visitors are converted into customers in their first visit.

You can easily grab conversion from such visitors by retargeting them using remarketing ads.

Pros of Google Ads

There are many benefits of using Google Ads, let’s throw some light on some of them.

Enhanced visibility

Nowadays why SEO is getting so popular?

That is all because of visibility, ranking, and exposure.

The role of website and landing pages is secondary, firstly the website must come into the notice of the audience.

And Google ads allow doing so.

Good quality ads always appear above the organic results, increasing your website visibility.

High visibility always attracts more insights and clicks too.

Instant traffic and leads

High visibility is the main factor resulting in high traffic.

When someone is dependent on the organic results it may take some time to get the flow of traffic.

But this is not the scenarios with Google Ads as they appear above the organic results in SERP.

Whenever a user enters a search query, the most relevant Google Ad is displayed in front of him.

And, this is a human tendency that top positions results get the immediate attention of the audience.

Consequently, the websites running Google Ads experience an instant boost in the traffic.

These leads are qualitative because the user is already having a high purchasing intent.

More Conversions

Conversions are derived only when the user is searching with high purchase intent.

And quality traffic is not an aspect that is missing in Google Ads.

By running the Google Ad campaigns it is easy to attract ample opportunities for conversion.

If you have a well-optimized campaign that is set up properly, then Google Ads have enough potential to comprehend quality leads.

And it is very rare that quality leads do not convert.

Just make sure your website or landing page has all the necessary information that your Ad displayed.

Budget control and no wastage

Most importantly, Google ads give feasibility to have control over the budget.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to Ad spend.

You can easily set the daily budget that you want to spend in a day.

As the budget gets over for the day, the Google Ads stop running.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to change the daily budget as well at any given point of time.

On the other hand, you do not waste your budget on the irrelevant audience.

Ads are clicked only when the user is interested and advertisers pay for this only.

Users who are not at all interested avoid clicking on Ads and the advertisers budget is used effectively.

Cons of Google Ads

Not always Google Ads are on the top position

A very common misconception associated with Google Ads is they always appear on the top.

But it’s not always true, the ranking of the google ads are dependent on the bidding and quality score.

Low bidding and poor quality score may end with lower visibility and ranking of the Ads.

Moreover, Ads may appear at the bottom of the first page, second page etc.

So be prepared to deal with such a situation as well.

Only good Ad copies are not enough for success

Less hassle means higher chances of success.

But in Google Ads, it is not the sole factor to consider.

Qualitative Ads aid in getting clicks but conversion is dependent on the landing page too.

Along with compelling ads, optimized landing is also required in the picture.

Landing pages are extensively designed with the sole purpose of driving conversions.

Therefore, you still need to invest your time and money to get an optimized landing page for the success of your Ad campaigns.

Competition is too high to appear in top positions

Competition is really fierce in the market and every business owner wants to avail the advantage of Google Ads.

As a result, the CPC of the most relevant and searched keywords is going high.

This call for an enormous budget to place the Ads in a good position.

Hence, you can’t start the game with too low bidding on keywords if you want your Ads to appear on the first page.

Else, you have to be satisfied with the Ad appearance on the second or third page.

What are Facebook Ads?

These are the Ads that can be noticed while accessing Facebook.

Facebook ads generally appear in the desktop and mobile news feed.

Also, it may appear in the Facebook right column news feed on the desktop.

Such ads aid you to have laser-focus targeting option to grab the right audience and make the best out of ads.

For Facebook ads also, advertisers are charged on the basis of clicks, impressions or actions.

Today, marketers rank Paid Advertising in their top 3 go to methods of advertising.

When it comes to digital online advertising, Google and Facebook still hold the largest share in the U.S. with around 38.6% and 19.9%.

In the United States, Google is the Search King with over 63% of online searches being done on the search engine.

Pros of Facebook Ads

Brand awareness

A requisite action to create brand awareness is to reach the audience extensively.

And reach maximization is viable only with the platform flooded with loads of people.

As we are talking about Facebook, it has around 2.32 billion monthly active users making it largest social networking site.

So this Advertising platform has a huge potential when it comes to increasing brand awareness.

It is an apt platform to make your business known to new customers and earn new followers.

Amazing targeting options

Targeting on Facebook is something that is just remarkable.

Presence of vivid targeting options aid in laser-focused targeting on Facebook to fetch the most relevant audience.

To target any specific class of audience is not a big deal with Facebook targeting.

Whether you want to target a specific location, gender, interests, behavior, language etc.

You have the feasibility to do so.

Hence, getting the most relevant audience is no rocket science with Facebook.

Keep the audience engaged

There are on an average 1.52 billion user log onto Facebook on a daily basis.

It shows manifest indulgence of the people into Facebook.

Hence, it is the best platform to interact with people on a daily basis.

The more frequently audience will see your Ad, the more your brand will become known to them.

Nothing can better than this approach to keep the audience engaged.

Many times even if the people are not in need of the product they prefer to have a look of the Ad.

Just to know the product better they start taking interest and you never know this interest may end up with conversions.

Open doors for new leads

The occurrence of new opportunities is easy when people start getting engaged.

The option of lookalike audience helps to expand your business offerings reach.

As it targets the new audience who are very similar to your targeted audience.

Thus, new leads are generated easily.

Because once you have the list of the audience that converts, their clone audience will also have a similar kind of interests and behavior.

And they are more likely to convert.

Cons of Facebook Ads

In genuine clicks

Not necessary that every profile lying on Facebook is genuine.

A lot of users spending their time on facebook using the fake profile.

So if an Ad is getting clicks out of such profile they are not worthy at all.

Also, it portrays a fake picture of clicks that includes fake clicks as well.

Such clicks hardly add any value to the business.


The audience has a lot to do on Facebook.

It can be chatting, engaging with relatives or any other personal activity.

In such a scenario, it is a little difficult to catch their attention.

And many times the ads remain without being noticed.

As a result, the Facebook ads end up with low click-through-rate.

Low purchase intent:

The conversion rate of Facebook ads is a little low in comparison to Google Ads.

The reason is straight, Facebook ads are displayed on the basis of user behavior, interests etc.

So, not necessary the Ads displayed on Facebook are of a similar product that is required by the user.

These ads are not the result of proactive searches made by the users as it is in the case of Google ads.

That’s why the purchase intent of the users is so low and conversions are less.

Comments influence:

Unlike Google ads, Facebook allows users to comment and share their feedback.

This is not at all good for the reputation and effectiveness of the Ads.

If there are too many negative comments on a Facebook page it surely affects the business.

Additionally, ads run by such pages also tend to lose trust in your business offerings.

The difference- Facebook ads vs Google Ads

Google Ads and Facebook Ads, both have their unique advantages for every type of business domain.

Undeniably, Google Ads can be addressed as the paid search whereas Facebook ads have secured the title of “Paid social”.

CPC set apart the costing of both platform

The primary aspect that perturbs is budget.

And no doubt, it has to be there in the picture for effective cost-controlled operations in the business.

As we are discussing Google and Facebook ads, there is a difference in CPC.

If you are the one with thinking that renowned platforms like Google and Facebook are just compatible with the large budget organizations then you are off base.

Even with the trivial budget, it is viable to run ads on the platforms of huge potential.

The game of paid advertising somewhere initiates with the Cost-per-click.

In terms of cost, the CPC of Google is higher in comparison to Facebook Ads.

Overall, Google Ad average CPC is around $2.32.

So, it can be concluded on an average Facebook is 88% cheaper if compared to Google ads.

Thus, even the smaller budget cannot hamper your business growth.

Using smaller budgets also you can afford to encounter better results with platforms like Facebook

Ads are served as per users intent and interest

Ads serving the intent of the users are more likely to end up with conversions.

This is because such ads are serving users with what they want.

Sometimes these intent are apparent and sometimes they have to be apprehended.

In the case of Google ads, the users upfrontly search using a keyword.

And on that basis, the relevant Google Ads are made visible to the users.

It has been observed, 65% of the clicks on the search result pages goes to those Google Ads that are enriched with buyer intent keywords.

But in the case of Facebook Ads, the scenario is a bit different as keywords are not there in the picture.

Instead, the Ads are presented to the audience on the basis of their interest.

The behavior of the audience plays an imperative role in segmenting what kind of Ads should be displayed.

How users connect with their friends, how they engage with the topics, their likes, dislikes- everything is taken into account when the Facebook ads are displayed.

This is how the presence of Ads is determined.

Targeting differs in Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Both the platforms work on a different parameter.

Thus, the way the audience is targeted is also distinct.

When it comes to Facebook targeting, one thing is for sure- Facebook has immense potential that can cater to every need of effective targeting.

Facebook provides numerous options to target the users on the basis of their interest, location, behavior, demographics, lookalike audience, custom audience.

It is easier to acquire the audience that can add value to your business by targeting them on the basis of age, gender, relationship status etc.

Whereas Google Ads target on the basis of keywords.

Apart from this, targeting on the basis of demographics, location, language, device, and negative keywords as well.

To target the users effectively, the Ads are mostly optimized with the most relevant keywords related to the niche.

As someone enters the search query which is called keywords, the most relevant Ad is displayed against it.

In this way, the traffic is targeted.

The visibility of the Ads

How the Ads becomes visible to the audience on both the platforms is slightly different.

Google ads are visible when users are actually interested in the products or services.

But how will Google judge the interest?

Is this something going in your mind?

Ads are visible only when someone enters a search query.

And on that basis, the Google Ad that matches more accurately with the keyword is shown to the users.

Whereas the scenario of Facebook is not akin to Google Ads.

The visibility of Facebook Ads is not dependent on the keywords typing.

Facebook Ads are served even to those users who might not be probing the products and services your business offers.

On this platform, the Ads are served on the basis of customers profile, activities, likes, dislikes etc.

Sometimes the Ad purpose also differs

Most of the times, conversions are the ultimate goal adopted while opting Google Ads.

As the Ad appears against the search query they are more likely to win the click.

And the customers will be derived directly to the website.

Google Ads work as a bridge between the users and the products and take them closer to their desired product.

As the gap is minimized, the outcome is shaped in the form of conversion.

On the other hand, Facebook Ads are not displayed out of keywords.

Thus, they are not intended to drive the users directly to the website.

Instead, they play a key role in making people aware of your website and products.

A website that does exists but its identity is still questionable.

It is really arduous, to make people land on it.

Bringing Facebook ads in the picture, it is viable to make the people aware and increase the traffic on your website.

It is not that Facebook Ads are not suitable to drive conversions.

But in what way it can help the best, here it is.

Because for every action it’s incumbent to reach website first.

Google Ads are intended to drive conversions but Facebook ads can open up floodgates of opportunities in the future.

The figures of CTR are different

Ads are always designed with the intent of seeking attention.

No matter which platform you are using.

Good and improved CTR is the first priority in any advertisement.

You might have also experienced that you prefer to click ads only after finding them interesting or relevant to your need.

And why not, this is the case with everyone while clicking any Ad.

Google Ads are served as a solution to your search query.

And this is for sure when someone receives a perfect solution why he will deny to take it.

This is the crux why Google ads tend to grab a pleasing figure of CTR.

But when it comes to Facebook, they earn little less CTR in comparison to google ads.

Facebook ads are not the remedy to address the audience’s query.

Users are convinced to click finding them interesting or to know the product or service in a better way.

The Ad formats are distinct

The Ad formats of Google and facebook-both are different an can be opted as per goal.

In the race of Facebook ads vs google ads- Facebook ads make it feasible to make the ads visually appealing.

Engagement, interaction, connection- if these are the part of your final destination, then Facebook ads are an ideal choice.

A wide array of Ad formats or types of Facebook ads like Canvas Ad, Video Ad, picture Ad, Carousel Ad, slideshow Ad will help you achieve your goal.

Also, allow presenting the commendable user experience through your ads.

Make the right choice to make the most out of the Ads.

Google ads are also not less in any aspect.

But in comparison to Facebook ads, they are a little less engaging.

Although Google also provides format like- text, video, and image.

But from the users’ point of view, Facebook ads are more enjoyable.

Google ads are more inclined towards the texts.

Creativity encountered is a little limited when it is about catching the immediate attention of the users.

For such a purpose, Facebook ads are a good choice.

Brand building methods are not similar

Although Facebook and Google Ads- both the platforms are apt for brand building.

If it is about Facebook ads vs Google ads then their methods are different.

Google ads somewhere hold the capacity to drive the traffic directly to the website.

And that’s really good, but sometimes instant click leads to disappointment.

As the user lands on the landing page or sales- oriented copy he may be distracted and lose trustworthiness by the hyped headlines, over optimization and too many advertisements.

As a result, the irritated users prefer to abandon the website and due to which the bounce rate goes up.

Such a response is always noticeable by the search engine and may lead to degradation of the website ranking.

Facebook Ads somewhere leverage social proofs which strengthen the advertising.

Recommendations and likes are strong components that reinforce the trustworthiness.

Furthermore, Facebook users see Ads on a frequent basis and get to know the product and company better.

So, before clicking they become well-versed with the venture and have gathered trust factor.

How differently both the platform work, a lot of information is already imbibed.

Now it time to peek into their usage process to be more conspicuous on the topic Facebook ads vs Google ads.

When to use Facebook Ads

Limited Budget:

This is the very common concern that every business deal with.

Even the small businesses with a limited budget have the privilege to run ads.

Facebook Ads is the best platform if you have budget constraints

Not every business is loaded with extensive budgets.

Such businesses can also run ads and get clicks and engagement.

Business can run ads with the budget as low as 1$ per day.

This shows even low budget cannot restrict your business reach as you have the option of Facebook ads.

Laser-focused targeting is required:

Numerous targeting features available with Facebook allows you to have a laser-focused targeting.

So, if your business demands to target a specific segment of people, nothing can be better than Facebook ads.

For instance, if you are looking forward to promoting your restaurant to a local audience who love Chinese.

You can easily target the Chinese lovers using Facebook targeting options and grab those specific segment audience.

And obviously, this will not work well with the Google ads as targeting is options are comparatively low.

Visual appeal is the prime concern

Not every product is presented well through the medium of text.

Instead, some products Ad requires the visual appeal to be displayed in their best form.

Images are the best medium to flaunt products and services.

Facebook ads make it viable to bring out the potential of the businesses or products to make them go viral.

So, if you want to attract more and more crowd and click make use of Facebook Ads.

Advertising on Facebook you can easily make the Ads more catchy by presenting the products through images.

Easy connectivity

Facebook Ads drives towards more engagement of the people.

Not necessary, when people like your page only then the Ads will be visible to them.

Facebook Ads are quite compatible with your brand as they are linked to your Facebook pages.

Ads visibility is not dependent on the Likes of the people.

These are visible to the audience while that are accessing their Facebook account.

Your logos, profile pictures, URL will visible to the audience and they can easily relate.

When to use Google Ads

Motive is conversions

CTR of the Google ads is comparatively high than any other Ad.

And the conversions are also high.

Engagement and clicks are obviously not your ultimate goals when it comes to Google Ads.

If you are looking forward to a result oriented approach then opt for Google ads.

Afterall, they are the perfect fit to drive conversions.

Google Ads holds the perfect visibility in the SERP.

And as they are the most relevant result against the search queries they are more likely to drive conversions.

Google Ads are for every kind of product

Whatever product you want to sell, Google Ads can accommodate you.

Constraints are not the part of selling the products when it comes to Google ads.

The effectiveness of Google Ads is not at all limited to any specific segment of products.

You can easily expect a decent ROI if you are investing in Google Ads.

If you are facing any kind of problem selling any product Google Ads will is definitely a great option.

It is because people search for every kind of product on Google.

And by running the Google ads, you can assist them with Ads whenever they search for your kind of products.

Reach audience extensively

Now the old school ways are no more welcomed in the era of advancement.

So, now reaching the extensive audience is not at all limited to circulating newspaper, pamphlets etc.

Therefore, to reach the right audience in a short span of time Google Ads is there for you.

You do not need to reach the audience, instead, the audience will find you themselves.

And by emerging as a relevant solution in the form of Ads, the reach of your business will be automatically augmented.

Google is the most popular search engine used to address the peoples’ queries.

And nothing can better than this platform when a business is seeking an enormous crowd and want to extend the business reach.

Mobile User targeting

Most importantly, nowadays the number of mobile users have crossed the number of any other device users.

So, leaving the segment of mobile users is like losing many potential customers.

Hence if you want to target the mobile user as well it’s better to go for Google ads.

Not necessary that everyone is using Facebook but yes, people do use mobile phones for every activity now and then.

And this is the right time to target the mobile users by presenting your website offerings in the form of Ads.

How to use Google Ads:

No wonder, Google ads are one of the best option one can have by your side to accumulate instant traffic.

Hence, it’s popularity is burgeoning fiercely.

In terms of usability, it is quite uncomplicated to use.


Simply, to decide a path, the destination is required.

  • In the same way firstly, you need to have a predetermined goal as well to run the Google Ads.
  • Once you are done with this, move towards targeting as you have many options to make use of.

Targeting can be done on the basis of location, gender, the device they are using, interests etc.

  • Now it’s the time to move on the major part that is keywords.

Conduct deep research to dig out the most relevant and high conversion rate keywords related to your niche area.

This will aid in making perfect use of the available budget.

Because of the next step call for setting budget and bids.

  • Bid on the keywords that you have added in your list while researching.
  • Structure your account and start your Ad campaigns with the most killer and impressive Ad copies.


For the ultimate success of the Ad, campaigns make sure you have a well-optimized landing page.

Apart from that, never forget to enable the conversion tracking to track which Ad campaigns are performing well and which are not?

To multiply the conversions, remarket the product and services to the previous website visitors also.

You never know when they change their mind out of your remarketing efforts.

At last, to bring out the best version of your Google ads and avoid overspending on unproductive Ads- Go for A/B testing.

Tips to improve the performance of the Google Ads

  1. A/B test your landing pages to fetch the best and conversion-oriented pages.
  2. Experiment with your Ad copies too using the A/B testing method.
  3. Addition of negative keywords is an important aspect to eliminate irrelevant searches and leads.
  4. Keep an eye on the graph of Google analytics also to make necessary changes when required.
  5. Ensure mobile compatibility of the landing pages.
  6. Do not forget to add clear call-to-action in your landing page.

How to use Facebook ads:

Being familiar with the use of Google Ads, now it is the Facebook ads turn.

Usage of Facebook ads is somewhere similar to that of Google Ads.

To be more precise let’s check out:


There can be many motives to run an ad campaign but it has to be decided beforehand.

Facebook provided 11 marketing objectives and you need to figure out your ultimate goal.

  • Simply commence the usage of Facebook ads by determining the goal.
  • Once the goal is decided, name your campaign.

On the same page, you can turn on A/B testing and budget optimization also.

Budget optimization is recommendable when using multiple ad sets.

  • Now set up your Ad account if it is already set, this step will be skipped.
  • And now it’s the turn to target the audience.

Facebook provides vivid options for effective targeting.

You can target on the basis of location, gender, interests etc.

Also, you have the option to target a lookalike audience whose interest and preferences are similar to your targeted audience.

  • Now select your ad placement, where you want to showcase your Ad is of prime importance.

With which device (mobile or desktop) you want the Ad compatibility and which platform and operating system (Android, iOS or both) you want to run your Ad?

You have to take this decision and choose wisely.

There are various platforms to consider like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger etc.

  • Budget setting and scheduling is the next step after deciding the Ad placement.

As per your available budget set daily or lifetime budget and also you can schedule your Ad in the future by using start and end dates.

  • After this, it’s time to create Facebook Ads using various formats like video, picture, carousel, slideshow, instant experience etc.
  • Availability of Ad selection may vary as per your chosen goal. This option can appear at an earlier stage as well.
  • Now simply click the “Submit” button and wait for the approval. You will be notified through email by the Facebook team.

Tips to improve Facebook ad performance

  1. Keep on tracking the Ads performance over time
  2. Try to target the relevant audience as many as possible
  3. Choose the right Ad placement as it can help to improve the results by 30–40%.
  4. You can use high engagement old posts in the new campaign as well to keep the engagement intact.
  5. Try to add clear CTA in your Ad copy.
  6. Never ignore the visual part as it helps in making the Ads eye-catchy.
  7. Most importantly keep the Ad copy short and simple to understand.

Facebook vs Google advertising revenue

Each of the advertising platforms is good enough to effectuate the desired goal.

Hence, it is a bit difficult to state which kinds of advertising will bring more revenue.

It is simply dependent on the business owners which platform they want to pick to achieve the results envisaged.

What kind of budget you own and what is your ultimate goal- considering these two factors you have to make the choice.

If you wanna make the best out of the Google and Facebook ads.

In terms of revenue, there are ample opportunities delivered by the platforms as both of them are quite renowned and effective too.

Both the platforms are good enough to generate revenue and foster your business growth if used wisely.

The popularity of Facebook as an advertising platform is just bewildering with around 6 million active advertisers using it to promote their products and services.

And out of the total online Ad spend, Facebook alone accounts for 25%.

On the other hand, Google seizes 97% of its revenue from advertising only.

In the year 2014–2015, Google ads successfully gripped a 17% increase in revenue and the counting still continues…

With the above stats, it’s evident how successfully Google and Facebook ads are marking their importance.

Therefore, if the topic is all about Facebook versus Google ads, you just need to master each of them.

And you will be a top dog to make out which platform will be the right choice for your business to move ahead with.

To turn this complex task easy, check out some points of difference between Facebook ads and google ads while comprehending the Google ads and Facebook ads better.


Facebook ads vs Google ads is not at all a topic of debate.

Both the platforms have enough potential to serve the users with the best.

Although the way they serve is little distinct but it does not impact their capability.

If we talk about Facebook, there are around 1.28 billion active users monthly which is pretty good to engage more people.

On the contrary, Google Ads have the capacity to reach around 2.6 billion searchers per month and that is good enough to drive traffic and conversions.

If Google ads are good to drive conversions then Facebook ads are good to engage people, generate lead and obtain traffic.

The usefulness of either platform cannot be questioned in any sense.

You simply must have the ability to make the right choice while choosing the Ad platform.

To make the job easy, consider the above points and find out what makes each other different.

And this is all that you need to do to use Facebook ads and Google Ads to the fullest.

Originally published at www.adstriangle.com on March 15, 2019.



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Dinesh Thakur

Dinesh Thakur

Digital Marketer. Founder @adstriangle