Conversion Rate Optimization Tools: Your Key To Success

Conversions are the first and foremost parameter that defines the success of any landing page or website.

And Conversion Rate Optimization Tools have emerged as the best means to improve the conversion rate.

Every business whether it is operating at a small scale or large scale works with a motive of maximizing the sales.

And conversions and sales are almost the same things.

Getting confused?

Ok, let’s go for some brainstorming.

If we talk about conversion from the website or a landing page, it simply states about sales.

Website or landing page are designed to attract the customers and convince them to purchase the products or services.

As a consequence, if the visitor is convinced and make the purchase then he will be converted into a customer.

This is something we call conversion.

Let’s dive into little deeper and explore:

What is a Website or Landing Page Conversion Rate?

The percentage of the website or landing page visitors that are getting converted into the customer is called conversion rate.

In simple terms, we can say that the percentage of users that are buying something on the website is the conversion rate.

For example:

Suppose 5000 visitors have visited a website but only 500 people purchase the product on a website.

Then you can calculate the conversion rate with:

The conversion rate can be considered as the key indicator of the website or landing page performance.

This is the main reason why well-optimized website and landing page generate more no. of leads or sales.

Only getting conversion is not enough.

In fact, conversion percentage matters.

Have you ever wondered what can be considered as good conversion rate?

If not then think about it…

If we talk about the average conversion rate,

“It has been observed that the top 25% website have the conversion rate of around 5%.  On the other hand, the top 10% website has the conversion rate of around 11%."

With the above stats, you can easily conclude that conversion rate around 11% is something that a good website or landing page strive for.

Eventually, it is all about ROI.

Hence, being concerned about this aspect, people opt for conversion rate optimization (CRO).

CRO has arisen as one of the important approaches to boost sales.

This means it not only aids to increase the website traffic but also lead to increase the positive actions on the website.

CRO is all about checking the loopholes of the website or landing page and fix them to get more conversions.

Additionally, it works on finding out what all is restricting the visitors to take the desired actions.

Accordingly, the issues are fixed to foster the conversion rate.

Let’s throw some light on Why CRO is important?

CRO helps in escalating the growth of the business by increasing the positive actions on the website.

On the other hand, it helps to reduce the customer acquisition cost and increase the revenue margin earned per visitor.

With CRO, you can easily elevate sales of your business by acquiring more customers for your business.

Optimizing the website or landing page timely can be termed as the effective strategy to optimize the CR.

Ultimately resulting in better user experience and quality leads.

This is quite obvious that an increase in conversion rate triggers the massive increase in the profit ratio.

The best part is such profits give straight positive impact to your business rather than the advertisers.

Let’s check out what all advertiser and clients feel regarding the importance of CRO.

87% advertiser and 90%clients have agreed that CRO is quite important for the growth of the business.

Being conversion rate an important aspect, there are various types of CRO tools that can be opted to thrive the business.

There are different types of CRO tools used with a specific purpose.

Every tool has its own importance and works in a different manner.

Now let’s explore multiple types of tools which can be used to boost the user experience and conversions too.

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CRO consists integral parts of A/B testing, Heat Maps, landing page building etc.

Let’s discuss all of these tools one by one to have better clarity.

A/B Testing

This is one of the most popular forms of testing that helps in deriving great results.

As the name signifies ‘A/B’ these can be considered as two variables.

Using A/B testing tools, two variables are checked simultaneously to figure out which variable is performing well and bringing more conversions.

The traffic is diverted equally towards both the variables to get the unbiased and genuine results.

A/B testing is not limited to any particular field.

It can be easily used to optimize conversion of landing pages, websites, Ads for website and mobile as well.

Now here comes the best part of A/B testing that it is not limited to testing of only two variable at one time.

In fact, A/B testing provides the feasibility to test the multiple variations.


One needs to take care of one thing that if changes are done in the variations then it should be for the same element in all the variations.

For example, If in variation A, the headline is changed then in Variation B also you have to make changes in Headline only.  Changing one element in variation A and other Element in variation B will not be going to work at all. This will create a confusion that which element is actually performing and which is not?”

After analyzing the performance of the variations, changes can be done accordingly for better optimization.

This is a good move to improve the users’ experience.

On the other hand, it provides a better understanding of the users’ behavior.

Analyzing their behavior you can easily figure out, what is liked by the users more.

Such kind of information will prove to be a helping hand to understand what appeals the users.

Using this approach you can deliver what users want and optimize the conversion rate.

Do not overlook the A/B testing as it plays a vital role in bringing out the best performing elements…


Check out some influential REASONS that will definitely drive you to opt for A/B testing.

While designing a website or landing page there are various decisions taken considering the one or the other element. Helps to Add What Appeals the Visitors At that time, the elements are judged on the basis of the feel and look but this not the factor that attracts the visitors.

A good website or landing page always target issues of the people and hit their pain points. But what kind of solutions and queries people are looking for can be easily found using the A/B testing method.

Better targeting Targeting the visitors more accurately gives you opportunities for more conversions. Bring out the best version of your landing page or website by checking the multiple elements. Money-savvy This will save your money and help you to earn more profit in business.

Businessmen always strategize to double up their ROI and cut short their Investment.

With A/B testing, you can augment your conversions without increasing your spendings.

Test various element only then finalize, this is the powerful trick to break the older ways of conversion optimization.


Perform the test on various elements like:

  • Headlines
  • Links
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Layout Design
  • Length of Content
  • Order of Content
  • Pricing
  • Tailor-made design
  • Size of images
  • Placement of content and images

There are some IMPORTANT FACTORS that have to be kept in mind while going through the A/B test results:

Device type: Keep the mind the type of device used to access the website. Is it mobile or desktop? Visitors type:

The type of visitors matters a lot. Do check whether they are from organic search, campaigns, PPC, social media etc. Information of the visitors: Their age, sex, demography etc. really matters.

Now hopefully, we have gathered enough information on A/B testing.


Let’s proceed towards the tools that can assist to perform testing flawlessly.

Google Analytics

Evaluate your online success very easily using Google Analytics.

A good tool that has helped many businesses to track their sales and conversions.

You can easily keep an eye on insights of the website, sources of traffic, user behavior etc.

Using such analytics, you can work on weak elements and optimize your conversion rate well.


Unbounce helps to optimize elements of landing page before serving it to the visitors.

Enhance the marketing experience and attract quality leads from the landing page.

Go for A/B testing and utilize the landing page to the fullest to bring the conversions.

Unbounce is a good tool to hand over the responsibility of building a landing page, publish it and do A/B testing experiment.

This tool will help you to increase engagement of the visitors on your landing page.

Further leading to an increase in post-click conversions.


This is another tool that makes the optimization process quite easy.

Get all your CRO solution at one place.

It aids in researching on visitors, A/B testing and personalization as well.

Great tool!

Proving quite advantageous to track the website visitors.

You can easily keep an eye on the users’ behavior on your website.

Manage and Test Your Hypotheses.

Deliver Targeted Messages to Your Preferred Audience.

VWO platform has more to offer with features like Surveys, Visitor Recordings.

It eliminates the need of relying on multiple tools for different purposes.

Most importantly, performing the A/B testing experiments is not it’s the only usage.

Additionally, it is also used for Heatmap as well.

Its versatility expands the reach of this tool by reducing the need for other tools.

This tools works in a little different manner but leads to the same results i.e. CRO.

Do not struggle to find out a complete content marketing solution.

With the usage of this tool, you can optimize your content that will help you to turn your visitors into customers.

No doubt…In this way, you can drive your website towards higher leads and better conversion rates.

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Heat Maps

Whenever we crawl a website full of text, every website seems ordinary to us.

But if out of the blues, some catchy visual appears in front of the eyes, it immediately catches the attention of the users.

Have you got what does that mean?

This means visuals are more attractive in comparison to the texts and numbers.

Analyzing this behavior, Heatmaps have come up to give the analytics in visual form.

It is obvious that to fix something, firstly we must be aware of the issue.

The better we understand the issue, the better solution can be provided.

A business that has spread his arms across different region or country can track the data easily using the heatmaps.

Quite interesting right?

Heatmaps are just perfect option to have the visual presentation of the data.

The tool has proved quite fascinating for the users.

Businesses are availing its feature to the fullest to multiply their conversion rate.

Eventually, the tool is helping to track visitors behavior on the website and the way they interact with it.

Not only this, it provides more accurate real-time data.

Every click, tap, scroll, and even the mouse movements can be easily monitored in real time.

Such data makes the conversion rate optimization easy and helps in attracting more conversions.

Get the complete picture of the visitors’ interaction as this tool has the ability to track even the small elements.


Check out some mind-blowing REASONS that will definitely convince you to opt for this tool.

Monitor what your visitor is looking at… With this tool monitor what your visitors are seeing. Track their responses over the different elements. This kind of data is something beyond the conversions and bounce rate. As real-time data will help to improve the users’ experience.

Check what is seeking visitors attention and what is not? You can easily know which element on the website is getting the attention of the visitors and which is not. Accordingly, you can work on that element to make it more attractive.

Insights to get more conversions Using the tool, get insights for better optimization of conversions. Have the feasibility to create the hypothesis for smooth A/B testing of the elements.


Now, its time to check out some useful tools that can help you with the Heatmaps.

Smartlook is a great tool to check the real-time data and user behavior.

You can easily monitor each and every activity of your website visitor.

Study deeply when a visitor is clicking the mouse.

What kind of response each website page is getting is also trackable.

On which part of the website they are spending most of their time etc.

These are a few types of information you can collect to improve the conversion rate.

Hotjar has emerged as one of the powerful tools that work effectively to get more conversions.

It provides a clear picture of the low performing elements by combining the analysis and feedback tools.

With a clear picture, you can easily figure out which element is restricting the flow of quality leads and conversions.

Ultimately, it helps in improving the users’ experience also to optimize the conversion rate.

Using hotjar, you can get the visual feedback instantly.

On the other hand, it is easily trackable what kind of activity visitors are doing on the website.

Also, you can check the insights, this will help you to make the changes in the right element.

Crazy Egg helps you to test your new ideas and bring the best out of it.

Such an approach aids you identify what is working best and what is not?

In this way, you can fix the elements that are not working on your website or landing page.

Crazy Egg Heat Maps allow you to check the source from where the visitors are coming to your website.

This is a good tool to inspect the visitors’ behavior deeply.

The better understanding of the user behavior enables you to deliver what the visitors want.

FullStory is an amazing tool that works with an innovative method to increase the conversion rate.

It assists the user with the session replay, heatmaps and debugging facilities to enhance the user experience.

Session replay as the name signifies, it replays the session that is experienced by your visitor.

In session replay, it shows how a visitor interacted with the website.

It is not over yet, this tool also captures various movements like mouse clicks, scrolling, tapping, typing etc.

The best part of this tool is the bug tracker.

Using this you can target the most urgent issues and reproduce the bugs again.

This will help you to know what kind of bug is hampering the website conversions.

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Landing Page Building

Building a well-optimized landing page is the most important step to maximize the conversions.

If a business a striving to boost the sales and conversions but not getting as expected, then one needs to emphasize on the landing page.

Its optimization is one of the basic strategies followed by the businesses to make every element work at the best.

Every element of the landing page holds the ability to trigger the conversions.

Therefore, it has to be created very cautiously.

Building a landing page keeping in view every aspect of it- is the key to perfect optimization.

The landing page is the biggest asset to deliver the specific message to your audience.

Additionally, it is the best means to convince the visitors to take the action that you want them to.

Being familiar with the value of the landing page, there are many tools which have been designed.

It can help with the creation of perfectly optimized landing pages to boost the conversion rate.

People are also making use of A/B testing tools to check the performance of the landing pages.

This move is proving quite fruitful to bring out the best version of the landing pages.

So, to make your landing page builder tool search easy- here presented some effective tool.


These tools will help you to create a perfectly optimized landing page that can turn the visitors into the customer in no time.

MailChimp tool follows a different approach to optimize the conversion rate.

It focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

This tool is used for the creation of well-optimized landing pages in no time.

It works to create masterpiece landing page that leads to the must-click destination.

Tool lays emphasis on the elements like ‘Call-to-action’ to keep adding on to your buyers’ list.

The functionality of this tool is not just limited to landing page creation only.

Using this tool, you can create and share your campaigns with the interested clients.

Moreover, it provides you with an automated platform to share campaigns via emails and present them on various Ad channels.

MailChimp provides to put more personalized marketing efforts.

This further helps in increasing the visits of interested users on the website.

Ultimately leading to more sales and conversions.

As we all know that the landing pages are created with a definite purpose and i.e. conversions.

Leadpages is one of the most popular tools used to create the leads driving landing pages.

It optimizes the elements of the landing page in such a manner that it attracts relevant actions form the visitors.

And obviously, here the relevant action is to make the purchase.

A good landing is always hard to resist and compels the visitors to take the positive actions.

Lead page tool understands this very well thus, works on every element of the landing page.

ShortStack is a tool that provides a wide array of functionalities.

This tool facilitates designing of social media campaigns, contests, contact forms etc.

Furthermore, it provides the feasibility to customize the style, theme, font, design etc.

Creation of lead magnet landing page is also one of its important functionalities.

It is used for building perfect landing pages that can attract enormous conversions.

Creating and Customizing a landing page has now become much easier.

Building an optimized landing page is not less than a tedious task.

Using the Landingi tool, it’s quite easy to build a landing page.

You can choose the best templates as per your requirement.

Avail drop-down menus and enjoy the ease of customizing a landing page.

Thousands of people are using this tool to make the best out of their landing page.

Additionally, the tool is also helping to make the page more interactive to get more conversions.

This another great tool to use for Conversion rate optimization.

Wait, wait, wait…

It’s not over yet.

It also comforts you with the management of leads and automation of key tasks.

Isn’t sounds interesting?

The best part of this tool is it not limited to landing page building only.

In fact, it works great for the purpose of the A/B testing.

Instapage allows you to optimize the landing pages for effective online marketing.

Further resulting in maximization of conversions too.

On the other hand, optimization of promotion campaigns is quite easy with this tool.

Using this tool you can manage multiple campaigns with ease.

Of course! A/B Testing is also there.

Creation of page becomes much easy.

Still, there is a lot to explore…

The quality that makes this tool distinct from others is it can be used for multiple types of CRO.

Landing page building is not the only purpose it solves.

This tool can be used to perform A/B testing and also allows you to access Heatmaps.

Isn’t sounds like 3-in-1 package tool for conversion rate optimization?

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At last, summing up the information we can conclude that conversions are the ultimate results for the growth of the business.

Every possible effort has to be done to make the best use of the landing page and website.

Nothing is perfect just in one go. Similarly, your website and landing pages need optimization too.

CRO tool has emerged as the best option to improve the conversion rate and escalate the sales.

These tools have proved to be a boon for every kind of business.

Make use of these tool to the fullest to monitor each and every activity of the visitors and understand them well.

Consequently, you can deliver what visitors want.

Enhance your website or landing page user experience and open up ways for lead generation.

In the end, these quality leads prove to be the greatest asset for your business.

As a result, causing a boom in the conversion rate of the business.

Author: Dinesh has been doing digital marketing since 2007. Now he manages a team of digital marketers, developers, and project managers. As the CEO of Ads Triangle, Dinesh has helped hundreds of businesses to grow their revenue through digital marketing.

Originally published at on November 23, 2018.

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