Big Reasons Why Should You Outsource Your PPC Management

One of the most common question that a marketer asks regarding PPC management is whether to outsource PPC Management or hire someone to do it in-house. The answer to this question simply depends on your current situation.

However, it is easy for anyone to just set up a basic PPC Campaign but the harsh reality steps in when the management of PPC Campaigns becomes tricky and complex over time.

I’m not saying that the management of PPC Campaigns is highly difficult and complicated, but you can’t just master anything without proper knowledge and experience.

Same is the case with the management of PPC Campaigns. It has a wide range of options like Geo Targeting, Ad Scheduling, Dynamic Search Ads, Remarketing campaigns and the optimization process. These options make PPC management little complicated. Then arises the need for outsourcing your PPC Management.

Given below are some valid reasons why you should outsource your PPC Management.

1. In-House v/s Outsource Cost

There are a lot of big businesses that can afford to maintain in-house PPC management department. However, not all the businesses have the luxury to do so.

Generally, the cost of hiring a full-time in-house paid search team will far exceed the cost of outsourcing to a PPC Agency.

When you outsource your PPC management to a PPC agency, you will certainly pay them some amount of fees.

But if you hire in-house PPC Team, then you will pay them their salaries along with other overhead expenses. And not to forget you are also going to pay for the initial setup that is required.

However, after you combine the costs of both the in-house PPC Team and the Outsourced agency, you’ll certainly find out that outsourcing is a better option out of the two.

2. Access to Relevant & Necessary Tools

PPC advertising is a platform that works in collaboration with a lot of tools. There arises the need to have proper access to relevant tools to make the most out of your PPC Campaigns.

When you outsource your PPC Campaigns to Agencies, you get the advantage of dedicated PPC Management Team that has access to all the necessary tools and resources.

Not only the PPC agencies have access to the relevant tools and resources but they also use these resources to truly focus on optimizing the performance of your PPC Campaigns.

In addition to this, PPC Managers have tools available for bid management, competitor analysis, optimization of the PPC campaigns.

Also having access to these resources and tools is not enough unless and until you don’t know how to use them optimally.

The PPC Managers, thus, have proper access as well as knowledge of these resources and tools.

This aspect is worthy enough to let you outsource your PPC Management to PPC agencies.

3. Advanced Bid Management & Reporting Abilities

The PPC Campaigns take quite a lot of knowledge, research and investment. Bid Management, however, represents a huge portion of the investment.

While managing the bids, it is very important to monitor the metrics that give you an insight of how your users are responding to your website and then change the bids accordingly.

Also, the bidding aspect of PPC management is quite cumbersome and requires a whole lot of time. Therefore, it is seen that PPC agencies have ease in managing the bids because they have years of experience and also have the access to advanced bid management software that allows for optimization of hundreds and thousands of keyword bids regularly.

Now comes the reporting part. Reports are essentially important because they show the performance level of your campaigns. Whether the performance is increasing or decreasing.

The PPC Agencies are more efficient in providing customized reports on a regular basis to give you insights as to where you should focus your PPC marketing efforts.

4. Enhanced Flexibility & Productivity

PPC advertising is quite dynamic in nature and you will get to see updates every now and then.

However, with this changing environment of PPC, it is also important to have a PPC Team that is well versed with all the recent updates and is flexible enough to correlate with the new changes.

In this scenario, the outsourced PPC agencies work fantastically. Coming from an environment that is totally surrounded by PPC Facts, news, updates and much more, they tend to adjust themselves at a much faster rate. Not only they adapt themselves better, but they also give a quick response to the recent changes.

For the in-house PPC Team, adjusting themselves according to the recent change might be a little time-consuming considering the fact that they have to deal in other spheres apart from PPC.

This division of effort prevents them to fully focus on one aspect.

As far as the productivity is concerned, PPC marketing takes a lot of time and effort.

Although the in-house PPC marketing team puts the necessary time and effort, sometimes it happens that to complete a certain task requires a little more time than the working hours.

The PPC Team you hired in-house might be reluctant to work extra or might charge overtime for the extra time that they will devote.

On the other hand, the outsourced PPC Team is efficient enough to work for those extra hours without asking for extra fees.

5. Accurate, Reliable & Fast Results

Any small mistake regarding PPC marketing can cost you a lot. You have to be extremely careful while managing a PPC Campaign. One wrong step and your whole campaign can collapse.

Hence, an outsourced PPC Team is less likely to make PPC errors because they are highly professionals owing to the fact that they are perfect experts in their genre.

Moreover, there is a team of certified professionals who keep checking the work of each other as and when required.

Also, if a huge mistake is made, then you can seek financial compensation from the PPC agency, which is something that you can’t do with your own employees.

As far as the reliability is considered, the outsourced PPC agencies are more reliable than the in-house team. The reason being is that the PPC agencies know their work and be counted upon making them more reliable. On the contrary, in the in-house team, you might have to spend some time explaining things to new hires to understand the search campaign of your business.

As the PPC Agencies are specialists who have a lot of technical knowledge and access to useful resources, they can process and manage even the most complex campaigns at a fast speed.

Final Thoughts

Having your PPC Campaigns outsourced to an experienced and dedicated PPC Team can help you to avoid expensive mistakes and maximize your profitability.

After you have outsourced your PPC Campaigns, you do not have to worry about monitoring and managing your PPC Campaigns.

This saves you a lot of time thus helping you to focus on your business development plans and strategies.

Just do not choose any PPC Agency for the sake of doing so. Choose an experienced PPC Agency that manages your PPC Campaigns effectively and also makes them profitable.

About Author: Dinesh Thakur is the Co-Founder of Ads Triangle which is a Google Partner and Bing Accredited Agency. He has over 7 years of experience in Pay Per Click Marketing.

Dinesh has helped hundreds of businesses to grow their revenue through PPC. He has expertise skills in Google AdWords and is passionate about Pay Per Click Marketing.

Digital Marketer. Founder @adstriangle