Best Social Media Management Tools To Get More Engagement and Traffic

What is social media management tool?

Best Social Media Management Tools For Instagram



  • Time-saving tool
  • Allows to manage multiple social media accounts
  • Integrates with Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn.
  • Schedule, publish your post and analyze performance
  • Easy usability


  • It lacks the feature to interact with your followers straight from your dashboard
  • Does not have an influencer search feature


Spy Your Competitors

Grow your engagement on Instagram


  • It allows you to analyse the positive and negative points of the profile.
  • Easily respond to your customers across all social media pages.
  • It allows you to set bulk scheduling
  • Allows you to create a contest on Instagram, Facebook, and other such platforms
  • RSS integration


  • While scheduling Instagram posts, you have to authorize them as per Instagram’s terms of use.
  • However, this is pretty simple if you have Instagram on your mobile.
  • Lacks auto-post feature that recycles the content for you.
  • The tool doesn’t have social inbox. So you have to manually engage with followers. This can be done by login into every social media account connected.


  • Schedule updates
  • Respond the followers via social media inbox
  • Create analytics reports
  • Collaborate with your team



Best Social Media Management Tools for small business

Sprout social


  • Monitor keyword on twitter
  • Easily follow, retweet and respond within the dashboard
  • Support iphones and android apps
  • 30 days free trial
  • Regarded as Best social media management tools for agencies that need advanced reporting for clients


  • The tool supports: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. The tool doesn’t support Pinterest or Instagram.

Agora Pulse


  • Set content calendar and scheduling functionality
  • Supports workflow management feature like the assignment of tasks
  • Identify most active users on different social media platforms
  • Access to conversational history with each user to quickly respond
  • Best for small and medium owned businesses who look for all-in-one solutions on a budget


  • Supports only 3 social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • The posting feature of the tool is not very high rated

Raven Tools: Internet marketing tool


  • The tool supports and fetch data from Google analytics, Google adwords, Twitter and Facebook.
  • SEO Tools for research, management and building links
  • Scheduling feature
  • Reporting feature
  • CRM system
  • One stop digital marketing campaign solution


  • Don’t supports Instagram or pinterest.
  • Posting functionality is not very high rated

Best Social Media Content Management Tools





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