Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

What is social media marketing?

Advantages of Social Media marketing For Entrepreneurs

1) Brand Awareness

2) Communication: Faster & Easier

6) Influence Search Engine Ranking

7) Increase the Website Traffic

  • Syndicate your content on every social media platform and attract a wide variety of versatile customers.
  • Use the right hashtags with each post: Right hashtags can generate more exposure for your social media postings. Again, one of the advantages of social media marketing for small business. Take a look at some of the best ways of using hashtags .
  • Don’t just post content but manage your social media accounts too: Posting content regularly will not help your business alone. Even if you share excellent written posts, nobody will see them until you have enough followers in your account. So how do you increase the number of followers? A simple yet effective way is to reaching out and connecting people that can be your potential reader or customer. For instance check:
  1. who to follow
  2. Are they following the account back?
  3. If not, then remove them and repeat this again.

8) Improved Conversion Rate

7)Improved Customer Satisfaction

8) Gain Market Insights

Here are some of the tips to get started

  • To gain insightful aspect, use additional tools to analyze your audience demographics. It’s one of the advantages of social media marketing for small business. You can segment your content based on topic and find out which type of content gets high impression.
  • Use tools to measure conversions on different posts shared on social media platforms to develop a strategy for beating your competitors. A smart way to get competitive advantage of social media marketing.

9) Reputation Management

confession.. I hate McDonalds breakfast.

- Alex Goot (@alexgoot) March 13, 2013

  1. a) pretend people are not talking and not respond at all?
  2. b) get aggressive or defensive to protect their brand?
  • Use social media monitoring tools that allows your brand succeed in the online world. These tools can help you in: Knowing your audience, their wants and in understanding what to deliver
  • Follow a proactive approach to monitor your public reputation on a regular basis and not just deal a specific episode.
  • Monitor your brand mentions on different social media sites and take action accordingly
  • Search potential customers & serve them as per the needs
  • Monitor your competition and learn from their mistakes. Plus pick up from where they have left. A clever way to get competitive advantage of social media marketing.
  • Lastly, manage public relations and criticism on-time appropriately.

10) Funnel development

  • Publish the same message on every social media platform
  • Redraft your message with new post and share it again
  • Interlink all your social media channels to keep a bird’s eye on your brand awareness progress.
  1. Research and monitor your better known competitor. Study their weak point and show the audiences how you are different. This is how you get Build content around your competitors weak points:competitive advantage of social media marketing.
  2. Create social media landing page. You ultimate goal is to bring user land to your site. Use tips to craft effective social media landing page.
  3. Focus on building links especially if you deal in B2B
  4. Create a sub-product that can help you in generating leads for your brand or create an additional income.




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