A Definitive Quick Guide on Types Of Facebook Ads

Setting up a business is a different scenario whereas to make the business familiar with everyone is a different one.

In order to make the people acquainted with the newly set venture, there are various marketing strategies are opted.

New ventures are not the only center of attraction that requires marketing.

Whether it is about the launch of any new product or it is about re-targeting the old customers.

This also needs marketing efforts.

Advertising has risen as the most powerful and influential approach to augment the conversions and move the customers through the sales funnel.

Smart players always know how and where to hit the audience to get more sales for the business.

And social media is one of them that is immensely ruling the market.

If the topic discussion is going on social media then how come we forget Facebook.

For September 2018, there are around 1.49 billion active Facebook users on an average who log into their account on daily basis.

This shows around 9% increase year over year.

With the above statistics, we can easily figure out how much-indulged people are on Facebook nowadays.

Don’t you think the stats are mind-blowing?

Being so popular platform, then how come this platform can remain untouched by the Advertisers.

Nothing can be better than this platform for your business when to wanna increase the customer base and maximize conversion.

Facebook is having a very vast network thus, advertisement on such platform is meant to be noticed by large chunks of people.

Therefore, we have the feasibility to advertise on Facebook with various types of Facebook ad formats.

Facebook Ad objectives

Because every type of Ad format holds a different significance.

So after understanding the objective, the format can be chosen accordingly to meet the goal.

It is not necessary that the priorities are always the same.

As per the priorities, the goals are set and as the time changes the goals can also change.

Definite objectives help you to reach your goals with ease.

Your Facebook Ad objectives are basically what you want to achieve by displaying the Ad to the audience.

The objectives can be:

Brand awareness:

People are made familiar with the brand through vivid online marketing techniques.

This is the objective when you want to make the people familiar with your brand.

Keeping the brand awareness in view you can choose the suitable Facebook Ad format.

This kind of objective also assists you to increase the reach of your business.

With a Facebook platform, you can easily expand the reach of your business to localities as well if you want to target the local audience.

You can make your Ad visible to the local audience only.

Engagement of the audience is another purpose that can be solved along with brand awareness.

The more people you will reach, the more engagement of the people you will have in your brand.


Until people are not interested in your business, they will not explore further.

As a result, the opportunities for conversion will be less.

Choose from various Facebook ad formats to generate interest of the users.

So that the potential customers extremely convinced to explore and know your business more.

Such an objective helps to drive more conversions for the business.

Once the visitors are considerate towards your products, finding it relevant and good they are more likely to convert.

Lead generation is also a goal that is fulfilled as part of such objective.

You can collect leads using the Ads by making them sign-up for newsletter etc.


To fulfill this objective, choose a Facebook Ad format that fits the requirement to convert the customer and drive sales for the business.

Along with conversion objective, you can fulfill the objective of peoples’ engagement also.

You can present the Ads with discounts, offers, and coupons that are not only liable to get conversion but also to attract and engage people.

After being familiar with the types of Facebook Ads objectives, now it’s time to discuss various

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Types of Facebook Ads

As you will be aware which Ad format can meet the requirements of your goal.

There are basically 6 types of Facebook Ads

Picture Ads

Images are the best way to strengthen the message that you want to deliver to the audience.Click To Tweet

Additionally, pictures are easily relatable and influential too.

What all can be done with the picture Ads it is clearly depicted by the name itself.

These are the ads presented in the form of a single image.

In such Ads use of relevant images, creates a strong impact on the users.

Also, makes the Ads easy to understand just in one glance.

It is also feasible to use more than one picture by using carousel, slideshow, collection and instant experience Ads.

Good for objectives like-

To increase the reach, brand awareness, engagement, store visits.

Video Ads

Video Ads are presented in the form of Videos to the audience.

The advertisers looking forward to adding more visual appeal can opt for the video ads.

There is not so much hassle associated with such ads while creating them.

Video ads can be created directly from the home page or using the advertising tools like Ads manager or business manager.

Good for objectives like-

Brand promotion, expand the reach, increase engagement, video promotion, to get conversions.

Carousel Ads

This category of Ad gives you a platform where you can present more than one picture or video just in one Ad.

Carousel ads are not at all limited to the use of single image and video.

In fact, you can add up to 10 images and videos in one Ad.

Such ads are a good option in the context of users experience.

Just in one Ad, you can provide a lot to explore and view.

Good for objectives like-

Increase brand awareness, increase the reach, conversion, traffic, store visits.

Collection Ads

Collection Ads allows you to present the collection of your products in the best way.

In short, you can enhance the presentation of your collection.

This Ad format allows you to add videos, pictures and the slideshow for the catalog product image.

Such kind of Ads is more interactive and detailed.

Users can easily grab important details about the product like specifications and all.

It’s good for the users as they can enjoy high users experience by viewing the product on full- screen.

Thus, this is the ad format that can be considered while considering various types of Facebook ads.

Good for objectives like-

Conversion, Traffic, Store Visits or sales of the Catalogue products.

Slideshow Ads

This is one of the types of Facebook ads that allows you to present the ads in the form of slides.

The Ad format is somewhere similar to the Carousel Ad but in the slideshow, you can add images along with the music.

Users are very easily attracted towards the sound, hence you can make use of this quality to drive the users’ attention towards your Ads.

It is a kind of complete package in which you can infuse videos, pictures, text, and sound as well.

You have all the variation to add in one Ad.

Slideshow ads are not just limited to any one device as they run flawlessly on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop as well.

Good for objectives like-

Slideshow ads are good for every kind of objective.

Instant Experience

Looking some kind of advertisement that can entice the mobile users then nothing can be better than instant experience.

Instant experience is supported by all types of Ad format whether it is an image, video, carousel, slideshow or collection ad.

This Ad format works for Android and iOS- both.

Instant experience is a good option to enhance the shopping experience of mobile users.

Showcase your products in the best way to your potential audience with instant experience.

Additionally, it allows you to highlight your brand as well to grab good response for your brand.

Good for objectives like-

Engagement, Brand Awareness, Video Views, Conversion, and Traffic.

The above mentioned are the basic types of Facebook that you can run to attract the audience.

Using these formats, you can run the Ads with a specific purpose.

Which means you can encourage the users to take the action of your choice.

Forms of Facebook Ad for specific action

Domain Ads

You wanna drive the users to your website then take the help of Domain Ad.

Domain ads are also known as “Page Post Link Ads”.

These ads consist of the single image along with text and link redirecting the users to your website.

This is the most common Ad used by the advertisers.

Ad placement

Desktop Newsfeed or right column

Offer Ads

The purpose of this kind of Ad is clear with the name itself.

Advertisers run offer Ads to present various offers to the people.

Users who are already familiar with your brand or we can say those who have visited your website earlier.

There is no need to take the users on your website and then present the offers.

Using offer ads, as the user clicks simply provide them either with the discount code or the barcode.

It’s a good way to make the users acquainted with offers and discounts.

You can add a sense of urgency as well to get the immediate attention of the users.

Ad placement

Right column, desktop, and mobile Newsfeed

Ads for lead generation

Facebook also helps by auto-filling the information and the remaining part will be filled by the users.

As the users hit the submit button after filling the required details, you can have a hot prospect by your side to deal with.

Ad placement

Desktop and mobile Newsfeed, Instagram, Audience network

Dynamic Ads

These are the ads used in order to target the previous website visitors.

Dynamic ads are served on the basis customer’s behavior and interest.

The best part is the different ads can be served to different groups of people.

The data collected from the website, on the basis of that data the Dynamic ads are created.

For example:

The same product will be presented to the users who viewed the product but didn’t purchase.

A different Ad can be displayed to the users who have products in their cart but not purchased them yet.

So, try to make the best use of dynamic ads and do it in the right way to target effectively and maximize the conversions.

App install Ads:

These ads are created with a view of increasing the App installs.

You can target large chunks of the audience and present them with a compelling Ad copy.

This will help the users to understand your app and install it without a second thought.

Ad placement

Mobile Newsfeed

Ads for app install on Instagram

You can also advertise on Instagram to target the people and make your App install there.

Images and video- both can be used to get the app installed on Instagram.

It is a good approach as the people using Instagram on their phones can install your mobile app as well, finding it useful.

Ad placement


Ads to get Likes and Engage people

There are ads are created to attract more and more likes on the page.

This will help to increase the engagement of the people in your products and services.

More likes on a page indicate that your business is trustworthy and can be trusted easily by the people.

Also, it will help to augment the reach of your business offering.

Always try to earn quality likes from the relevant audience.

These ads can be in the form of text, images, and videos as well.

Ad placement

Right column, desktop, and mobile Newsfeed

Event Ads

Let the audience know about your business and attract more visitors to your event.

This is the reason why advertisers publish event ads.

Increase the reach of your event with event ads and target right audience.

Limit the geographical reach of the Event ads taking into consideration the size and relevancy of the event.

You can keep the reach of Event Ad limited to particular city or region where the event is being organized.

Ad placement

Right column, desktop, and mobile Newsfeed

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Hence, Facebook advertisements have become the most preferred choice of the advertisers.

Facebook ads have always proved their worth whether it is about targeting the right audience, maximization of the traffic or it is about increasing conversions.

But the main thing is before running the Facebook ad, the objectives are required and you need to understand all the parts of a Facebook ad.

Pre-determination of the objective helps you to choose the right Ad format in order to fulfill the goal.

And to run Facebook ads effectively you need to choose the most appropriate one from the various types of Facebook Ads.

Selection of right ad type not only aids to make the Facebook ad more effective but also takes you closer to your goal.

Therefore, always choose the right format after considering all types of Facebook ads.

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