12 Search Engine Optimization Techniques to Get More Organic Traffic in 2019

#SEO audit at regular intervals

# Content optimization

Produce Valuable And Shareable Content

Make Your Content Competitive By Adding Length To It

Optimize Content For Semantic Search

# Pay attention to inbound and outbound links

Outbound Links Should Be Qualitative:

Encourage More Inbound Links Too

# Include infographics in your best search engine optimization techniques

#Ensure the website’s mobile compatibility

# Infuse long tail keywords in your title

# Revive your old content to rank better

# Rankbrain is a factor you need to work upon

# Make use of your competitors’ keyword

# Make your website free from 404 error page

  • Link correction- Make sure that the link is correct if it is not so, just fix the URL.
  • Revive deleted pages- Adding and deleting content on the website is a consistent process in updation.

# Customize 404 error page

# Ensure SSL Certificate installation




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Dinesh Thakur

Dinesh Thakur

Digital Marketer. Founder @adstriangle